Welcome to my Blog

This blog is meant to showcase my “Profile of a Place” assignment in the English 101 class at University of Wisconsin Stout. The profile of a place assignments requires us to observe a place on campus and write a profile on it. We are supposed to pick a place where we were considered an outsider, or somewhere that we are somewhat unfamiliar with. We are also supposed to choose an audience to direct the profile to. I chose Stoutonia, the school newspapers audience, as my audience because it seems to be the most appropriate fit for this assignment. Being a freshman, I am an outsider of most places on campus, including Jarvis Hall which I chose to write my profile about. I chose Jarvis Hall because I have some classes in this hall but most of the building I have yet to observe and explore. I have 3 classes in Jarvis Hall but all of them are on the first floor. I thought this would be a good opportunity to experience more of Jarvis Hall since most of classes will be held here throughout my time at UW-Stout.